Make more money with your short term rental property!

Whether you’ve been in the short term rental (STR) business for years or are just thinking about the possibility, you’re in the right place! I help STR hosts get more bookings and make more money.

There are four main factors that determine whether or not your STR lives up to its income-producing potential: guest experience, appropriate pricing, marketing and rave reviews. I can help you understand how each of these areas affects your bottom line and how to create success with your STR.


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I’m here to guide you through each step of the process to get your STR up to par to produce reliable, consistent income for you! Here’s how I can help:

  • E-design and furnishings recommendations (furnishings that will last, amenities that are required)

  • Creating a top-notch welcome book to ensure your guests have no questions and get great concierge service

  • Monthly amenities audit and your turnover process so every guest walks into the exact space they were anticipating

  • Turnover training (cleaning, re-staging)

  • Market evaluation and pricing strategy

  • Photography consultation

  • Listing name and description writing/updating (desired brand: luxury, mid-level, budget, corporate)

  • Review and re-booking request process

Bonus service: How to ensure that your STR is safe for guests, meet cleaning requirements and marketing related to safety measures to keep guests safe and happy during COVID-19.


Book a consultation today to learn how you can make more income with your STR!